Nov 23, 2015

KEEPSAKE THE LABEL launches at BT2 Grafton Street

Contemporary Australian womenswear brand KEEPSAKE THE LABEL is the newest label to arrive at BT2 Grafton Street. KEEPSAKE THE LABEL redefines eveningwear, balancing simplicity and modern design detailing with a fresh colour palette and striking prints.
Keepsake 'All For You' Top €154 and 'Sweetest Thing' Culottes
Keepsake 'In The Moment' Top €188 and Skirt €180
Keepsake 'Stolen Heart' Mini Dress €166
Keepsake The 'Only One' crop €138 and 'Split Decision' Skirt €174
Keepsake 'The Stolen Heart' Shirt €290
Keepsake, 'Stolen Heart' Vest €212
Keepsake 'In The Moment' Dress €255
Keepsake 'Stolen Heart' Shirt Dress €188
Keepsake 'The Stolen Heart' Shirt Dress' €188

Check out the BT2 Shop and How to get there !!!!

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