Feb 23, 2016

Candle scents for stress relief - HomeLandCandles

Handmade candle scents for stress relief and aromatherapy

It`s not just scented candles. its an All Irish individually handcrafted Vintage candle collection

Traditionally hand crafted with a modern twist using a premium selection of the purest wax infused with an exclusive blend of aromatic, essential and home fragrance oils. UV protected colour & untreated natural cotton wick offering you excellent fragrance throw from the entire area of the candle & an excellent glow when burning.
scented lavender candle
Scented lavender candle

A mediterranean lavender scent with the freshness of neroli combined with the spiciness of lemongrass. 

sandalwood and cedar candle
Sandalwood and cedar candle
The golden woody embers of sandalwood and cedar brings together a gentle floral hue of rose, geranium and aromatic lavender. Candle scents for stress relief (Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief)

Warm Glow Candles
Warm Glow Candles
Deep Red Diamond Hurricane Glow Candle.  Price:€20.00

candle scents for stress relief
Scented candles wholesale ireland
HomeLand candles produce a large variety of fragranced & non fragranced candles to choose from with an old world look and feel to each candle. We offer competitive wholesale pricing for all of our popular candle ranges.

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