Feb 4, 2016

Tory Long Irish handcrafted ornaments

Tory Long, Beautiful, masterful design never goes out of fashion

Simple Jewelry with a twist. Handcrafted Ariel gold Bracelets, Perle G Necklace, Zelda Earrings, Daria White Necklaces and many more romantic jewellery created with love and care at Tory Long Studio in Dublin. Its a very delicate collection, very suitable for gifting or just a treat for yourself. Every piece below are skillfully handmade, and comes with a 7 day refund guarantee. See what you like, there`s lot more inside.
Tory long Necklace ELFIE BRACELET €30.00
Nicole S Necklace NICOLE S NECKLACE €70.00
Cressie O Necklace CRESSIE O NECKLACE €70.00
Cressie Star Necklace CRESSIE STAR NECKLACE €70.00
Cressie Necklace CRESSIE NECKLACE €90.00
Lexi Silver Necklace LEXI SILVER NECKLACE €50.00
Designs inspired by you with the personalized service you deserve. Tory Long can dedicate her time for you just on request. Bespoke service is where you get what you want. Personalized pieces made with care at her studio.
Anya S Necklace ANYA S NECKLACE €65.00
Elfie Necklace ELFIE NECKLACE €50.00
Stella Star Bracelet STELLA STAR BRACELET €30.00
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"]Stella Pearl Necklace STELLA PEARL NECKLACE €110.00[/caption]
Stella Dot Necklace STELLA DOT NECKLACE €50.00
Nicole L Necklace NICOLE L NECKLACE €120.00
Tory long hails from Belfast, where she harbored a childhood dream of becoming a Jewelry designer. As a young girl, she worked around with her dad`s wires to make earrings. In 2001 she arrived in Dublin and for a decade built a career in fashion buying and merchandising alongside making Bespoke Jewelry pieces on request for weddings and gifts.

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