Apr 22, 2016

Surface Spotlight: Post Show Trend Report - Lighting

Trends by Sally Angharad at the Light School at Surface Design Show 2016. 

Creases & Folds: 3D Surfaces use Origami Effects to enhance Colour and light

Optelma Lighting , Spectral Lighting and Ravensbourne BA Design Products
(Student: Lewis Calderwood) 

In line with current trends, relief lighting surfaces were inspired by origami with paper creases and folds replicated in other materials. Sedap from Optelma Lighting unveiled stunning luminaire designs by revealing the secret properties of plaster. Pure lines, sharpness of edge and the effect of changing colour on the surface created a captivating mood. Spectral Lighting worked with Ravensbourne College of Design to help students design a luminaire (pendant, wall mounted or desk light) for the manufacturer. The winning designs were presented on Spectral’s stand at the show, including Lewis Calderwood’s wall light cleverly emitting light from the creases of the three-dimensional surface.

Highlights: Continuous Lines of Light Bring Life to Interiors and Exteriors

Seamless and efficient, the latest LED lighting saw products that serve to enrich interior and exterior structures. Underscore InOut by Iguzzini is a new solution that liberates light and turns it into something far more artistic for exteriors. Much like a brushstroke, the continuous lines outline, highlight and colour outdoor architecture. Also exploring the possibilities using lines of light was In Light, with LED strips presented in sculptural formats to showcase the possibilities of bending light to illuminate spaces in new and exciting ways.

Immersive Tactility: Products Blend Lighting With Surface Textures

The potential that light offers surfaces is immense and designers are now expanding on this by merging the two products. Surface trends put texture on centre stage this year, influencing aesthetic directions for lighting. Quartz launched an interchangeable chandelier that brings a softer side to lighting using fabric panels. The range includes fine woven mesh fabrics in stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper that are clipped easily into position. Lumiscopic’s products were a key example of the relationship between surface and light this year. The dichroic sheets vary in colour depending on the viewing angle and can be illuminated with LEDs to create even more effects. New surfaces from the exhibitor were reminiscent of pleated fabrics, with backlighting celebrating the textural qualities.

Human Friendly Solutions: Applelec Present Innovative LED Panels

Design directions are calling for more considered products that focus on wellbeing, something Applelec have responded to in their latest inventions. Two new developments from the exhibitor focused on new potentials with LEDs. Exploring a wider choice of colours to suit individual spaces and the needs of the user, the LED Light Sheet is now available in a wide choice of warm white, cool white and RGB LEDs and can be fitted with dimmable and colour-changing controllers. Also on display were the ultra slim OLED panels from LG Chem and Applelec, offering the closest spectral power distributions to natural light. Flexible, ultra-thin and light, these panels provide exciting new possibilities for designers working with light, producing very low heat making them easy to handle.

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