May 7, 2016

Aldi Ice Cream Prices Slashed, New Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Available

All your frozen favorite Aldi Ice Cream Prices Lowered

Aldi`s got everyone’s frozen favourites this summer with lowered Aldi Ice Cream Prices to choose from. Choose from deluxe chocsticks, ice cream cookies, fun fruity lollies and more.

Cadbury Flake

cadbury flake ice cream price
Now just per pack €2.79 

Ice Cream Cookies

aldi cookie dough ice cream
Now Just per pack €2.99

Polar Bar Ice Cream Sandwich

aldi ice cream offer Aldi Ice Cream Prices
Now Just per pack €2.49


aldi ice cream wafers
Now Just per pack 79c

Waffle Cones

Now Just per pack€1.39

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