Jun 29, 2016

Legendary NY fashion photographer Bill Cunningham Passes Away at age 87

 Bill Cunningham Passes Away at age 87

This saturday, the fashion world lost its legendary octogenarian photograher, Bill Cunningham, whose been snapping stylish dressers for the past half a century. He captured a wide range of liberal fashion movements but never forgot to be inclusive. He popularized street style on the New York Times column titled "On The Street". 
Isabella Blow, New York's Finest by Bill Cunningham
Writing for Times for 40 years, he was best known for capturing the changing fashion trends of New Yorkers from all walks of life.
The New York Times' Bill Cunningham’s
Early Photographs of New York: Club 21
Cunningham became legendary by his own standards, easily recognizable from his khaki, signature french jacket and the bicycle. 
Inspiration of the week: Bill Cunningham

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