Jun 20, 2016

We Review some Really Good places to Eat in Dublin

Good places to Eat in Dublin

The Canal Boat Restaurant

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Enjoy a Delightful Dinner Cruise along the way, while you pass through 200 year old locks.
canal boat restaurant
Pre-Dinner drinks on Deck

Angelina's Restaurant and Bar, Grand Canal

A relaxed and laid back atmosphere was the aura at Angelinas. But the Menu and the deliverance wasnt without good finishing. Especially the Egg Benedicts.
grand canal dock restaurants
View of Canal Boat Restaurant from Angelinas Restaurant
grand canal dock restaurants
Lounge area inside Angelinas restaurant and bar

Odessa Restaurant Bar and Club

A perfumed spotless restaurant with four floors, a Restaurant, a Club Bar, an Events Room and a Roof Bar and Terrace. Themed like a few shades of grey, the food starts from the first floor, which is the Restaurant, which we must say is mouth watering even before it reaches your table. Happening place for Events and Dinner.
odessa restaurant dublin brunch
Guests can unwind and enjoy a birthday celebration, an evening dinner in complete privacy.

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