Jul 25, 2016

Beauty App Veleza

Beauty reviewers and advocates turn to social media in an Instagram inspired app.

Veleza have created an online community where individuals are invited to create accounts and review beauty products that can be categorised into skin type sections. The app, downloadable from app stores, allows members to discuss skin care concerns, share their personal experiences regarding beauty advice and of course read and write product reviews.

The app enables people in the market for beauty products to view and find products that may be suited to them and read up before purchasing. Also members are encouraged to offer tips and tricks for beauty products, so the app assists people in having a more informed decision when purchasing as well as using products.

In addition to advice, Veleza searches online retailers to find the most competitive price for each product. So there are savings to be made too!

More information on the app here. App downloadable from the Apple App store.

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