Aug 4, 2016

Dining above Bergen, Norway. Mount Ulriken

Ulriken is the highest mountain (of seven) which dominates the skyline of Bergen. They say that you have not seen Bergen until you have been to the top of Ulriken. There are trails to hike to the top, however, if you do not feel like walking the steep ascent, there is a cable car that takes you directly to the top.

With the stunning views, the Mountain’s restaurant, Sky:Skraperen, serves local and traditional Norwegian food. For lunch, Sky:Skraperen offers diners a selection of beautiful food from local cheese and meat boards, traditional meat broths and Norwegian lamb sausage as well as some traditional sweet options.

The restaurant also offers a “Ulriken by night” experience where several, local dishes are served to guests.

With breath-taking views and good, local food, Ulriken offers a great experience for the visitors od Bergen.

There are a number of activities available on the mountain including hiking, the Ulriken zip line (booking advised) and yoga (every Saturday through July).

For more information, visit the mountain’s website here.

View the Sky:Skraperen menu here.

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