Sep 1, 2016

The Fisherman's Coat

Would you be daring enough to try something different this season? With many running to the Macintosh’s and Burberry Trench coats to keep them dry and stylish, it is a time to step out of the crowd and sport a bright sort of rain cover up this Autumn during the inevitable showers.

We refer to the yellow fisherman’s coat. The colour adds a bit of happiness back into a dull day and of course it is designed to keep you dry and warm.

The style of jacket has been seen on many occasions throughout the city of Bergen, Norway, where the locals explain to visitors that it rains there all the time. Therefore, the fisherman jacket is probably a choice you can trust.

In terms of making a fashion statement, pair with dark neutrals, even black. Try a black or dark turtle neck jumper to keep your neck dry, with the yellow jacket thrown on over the top. Statement and effortless.

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