Feb 16, 2017

Valentines Day with Kate Spade.

Valentines Day Edit.


Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Say Happy Valentines Day with a gift from Kate Spade. The top selling handbag brand of 2016, Kate Spade, have some fantastic novelty gifts with a bit of an edge ready for you to purchase this February. We have chosen a few of our favourites and listed them below.

Silicone Roses iPone case.
 Kate Spade iPhone Case
(£58)   A little more practical than roses, you can now dress up your phone for V day!  

Kate Spade Sweater
Embellished LOVE Sweater (£250)  
With slogans set to be a huge trend of the year, try this fab "LOVE" sweater to say I love you!  

Kate Spade Locket"Be Mine" Heart Lockets (£88)  
Of try this funky balloon style heart locket for a statement.    

"Be Mine" Heart Alexya Handbag. (£358)
 Alexya Handbag, Kate Spade  
We absolutely LOVE this handbag with subtle colours but with a huge splash of valentines red. Pair with a simple outfit and some red lippy for a classic but modern look this valentines day!  

We hope you have a fab Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Pynck.

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