Mar 22, 2017

Buy Now! Top Five Slogan Tees

TREND: The Slogan Tee Shirt

The Slogan Tee is having a moment right now, making statements here there and everywhere. Dior's new creative director could be the reason why the "feminist" tees are circulating and trending right now, but if you don't manage to get your hand on a Dior tee, here are five others that spread womens empowerment just as well. Pair with a simple pair of jeans or add a floaty skirt for a feminine and floaty edge (see inspiration image above.)

1 - NA - KD GRL PWR T-shirt

£16.28 Available at Something a bit more funky and young, which still sends the message.  

2 - Topshop Femme Forever T-shirt

£15.00 Available at Top seller at Topshop, with the statement red text, pair with casual jeans and perhaps match in some red accessories.

3 - River Island The Future is Female T-shirt

£20.00 Available at With some baby pink in the typography, this tee is simple, statement and girly all at the same time.  

4 - Topshop Feminist T-Shirt

£20.00 Available at For a simple, "Feminist" look no further...  

5- NA-KD Girl T-Shirt

£16.28 Available at Try this 'girl on fire' tee for an edgy, rock and roll vibe.

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