May 26, 2017

MAURO GASPERI - Milan Fashion Designer

Mauro Gasperi is a fast rising and a highly creative Milan fashion designer, whom without doubt is quickly forging a successful brand name for himself through his unique cosmopolitan designs and women focused labels from the fascinating world of Milan fashion. A custodian of the rich and creative Milan fashion heritage, Mauro Gasperi was born in 1973, in a small town called Brescia, a short distance (about an hour) from the center of fashion excellence, Milan. As a child he drew his influences from contemporary architecture such as Massimilian Fuksas. Mauro had his unwavering sight on pursuing fashion as a career from a young age after graduating from an artistic high school - “V. Foppa, located in his birth town Brescia in 1997. He received his tutelage in Florence, at the prestigious Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing and graduated in 2002, specializing in fashion and knitwear. Mauro has always been a talented designer with an eye for innovative creations. In 2001, while still in design school, he was chosen as the winner of a competition organized by the institute, which also led to his selection as the designer for the brand Paola Frani. Shortly after graduating, he secured a job with the renowned Dolce & Gabbana , briefly working at their style office. Other companies he worked for include; Doratex, ChristianoFissore and Knitwear Fabrics. His first stint at some level of regional prominence came in 2009, where he emerged as the winner of the “FASHION INCUBATOR”; a competition organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. This gave him the opportunity to showcase his collections at the Milan Fashion Week. This came shortly after opening his flagship store a year before in 2008. He considers his style to be avant-garde and cosmopolitan yet minimalistic, with a touch of femininity. His pieces draw visible influences from graphical and architectural mark. There are flawless fusions of geometrical patterns, elegance and contemporary style. Some of his signature styles involve creating unique shapes and silhouettes on materials that are easy to wear and affordable for the everyday woman. The Mauro Gasperi collection has featured in fashion weeks across the world, such as; Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Kiev and Milan to name a few. His work has been featured in high fashion magazines such as; Elle, Vogue and Glamour. His collection has garnered international presence in metropolitan cities such as; Milan, Dubai, Tokyo, Berlin, and is currently being sold in Far East China. He belongs to the new wave of Milan based fashion designers charting a new course in the sands of the city’s history and global fashion respectively.

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