Aug 10, 2017

Dublin Horse Show 2017

Pynck attended the RDS Horse Show 2017 recently - a fantastic event with a range of entertainment and enjoyable food. The first entertaining sight was The Flying French Man and his horses, impressing the crowds!

Some extravagant guests added to the wow factor!

Pynck went on to enjoy the day at the champagne bar and the Guinness stand. There was some beautiful seafood and cheese plates available at the champagne bar.

Then came the main event itself, the Sports Ireland Classic. It was a one, two, three for Ireland! Shane Breen, Bertram Allen, and Anthony Condon won the day for Ireland on Ipswich Van de Wolfsaaker, which won the respectable prize of 8118 on the first day of the Horse Show. The winning time was an impressive 41.83! Following are images of the international horseriders displaying skill and beauty.

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