Aug 6, 2017

Rock and Roll Weekend at Enniscorthy

There was a fantastic weekend of Rock and Roll themed activities going on this long in Enniscorthy. Pynck spent the weekend in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and took some images of the town:

Enniscorthy Castle

The town is obviously very well kept, and a pleasure to stroll around, but contains one particularly noteworthy and majestic site, Enniscorthy Castle.

Follow the footsteps of Anglo-Norman Knights, Gaelic Irish Kings and Elizabethan Adventurers as you uncover the story of Enniscorthy Castle. Exhibitions explore the development of the Castle and town from its earliest Anglo-Norman origins up until its use as a family home in the early 20th century. Enniscorthy Castle is one of the few Irish Castles to offer access to its roof where a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside awaits. For more information on this impressive castle, visit

Rock n Roll Festival

Craic was had by all at Enniscorthy town, during this lively weekend, as can be seen below.

The fun continued in Treacy's Hotel, a fine and highly recommended establishment. Musical souls continued to entertain at the Bar til late that night.

Beside Treacy's is a fantastic Thai Restaurant, Chang Thai, which serves great tempura vegetables and chichen pad thai. It's very good value and the location is perfect!

Shopping in Enniscorthy

The shopping options in Enniscorthy town were interesting - they have a large Dunnes Stores, and several boutiques such as Mary Elizabeths Boutique, Put a Bow on it, Modern Fashions, Glamour Boutique, and Eric Barron Menswear. The Put a Bow on it Boutique stocked some lovely Portuguese cardigans and dresses as well as ponchos with some very unusual designs.

We highly recommend Enniscorthy, especially for upcoming events. Be sure to check out for fun times ahead!

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