Aug 3, 2017

The Best Men's Fashion Trends From Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week 2017 brought a breeze of fresh air with it this fall; introducing some of the most amazing fashion trends for the season that are sure to grace every fashionable man’s closet in the coming days.


This year designers went straight ahead using animal prints that were not only bold but in their own right the perfect piece of clothing for those who love attention! mens-fashion-peacocking  

The blend of rock and roll and military

Wearing a military uniform can be sometimes become a really boring piece of clothing so the designers at Milan fashion week were kind enough to address the issue- here is how they really addressed it:  

Rocky Style

Remember how the whole rocky trend was a fashion craze once; leather jackets, black shirts and name tag chains with slick back hair- now with a little twist, designers at Milan have brought the signature trousers with unconventional colors to seal the deal. rocky-style

Reinventing Goth

Like every season the reinterpretation of Goth style has become a ritual at Milan’s runway. So this time Versace took the responsibility of doing the job right!
Which one is your favorite among these 4?  

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