Sep 4, 2017

The Bergen Beer Festival

The Bergen

Beer Festival

The weekend just gone 1-2nd September saw the sun finally shining on the city of rain to welcome the Bergen √łlfestival (beer festival). Crowds of locals and tourists headed to the events, both on Friday and Saturday, to sample many of the local breweries offerings. Set within the Rosenkrantst√•rnet grounds, it felt like a big sunny beer garden, with a fantastic atmosphere.

As well as a good sunny afternoon out, visitors could purchase a small beer glass and tokens and wander round the various tents to sample local beers and meads from the norwegian breweries. In addition to beer, there was also a food festival with plenty of delicious dishes to try.

The beer festival will be back next year, so if you are planning a visit to Bergen, the festival is a recommended stop (info here). After tasting what is on offer, visitors can also stop off in a bar and sit outside Bryggen to soak up the atmosphere whilst people watching and gazing out at the fjord.


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