Oct 8, 2017

Louis Vuitton - SS18

Louis Vuitton

Spring Summer 2018 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Imagine you are appearing on a BBC costume drama, and forget to take off part of your costume, and casually act as if the piece of ornate 18th century clothing has always been in your wardrobe, and you throw on some comfy sports shorts and trainers to pop down to the shops to get yourself some milk? Picture it? Well you don't really have to, because Nicolas Ghesquière over at Louis Vuitton this season that was just that. Half 18th century nobility dress, half 21st century athleisure. Sounds a tiny bit odd, but I think this is the next big thing.

Set in the Louvre around the original medieval fortress foundations, the set also mixed history with modernity. We had on one hand the well preserved ruins and walls of the fortress, and then a lighted runway, in which models strutted their stuff along in some serious LV sneakers.

Take a look at the looks from the show.

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Photo credit: Vogue

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