Oct 17, 2017

The Top Selling Handbags this Week

Top Selling Handbags this Week

Michael Kors

Is it time for a winter handbag? Or are you looking to add something onto your wish list this Christmas? Knowing what is on trend is a great place to start when looking for something new, especially when you really want to invest in something special.

Below we have found the top handbag designer of the week* and have put together a little edit, to show you what is available right now, including some new absolutely stunning designs. All products are shop-able, by clicking on the image, you will be re-directed to the retailer, where you can browse other products and collections. If not, you may click here to see what else Michael Kors is doing and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Michael Kors

Please note, that we use Affiliate links within our posts at Pynck.com. You will not be charged any extra for clicking on these, but we will receive a small commission should you purchase anything that we have brought to your attention. 

* Data collected by Shopstyle Collective

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