Oct 23, 2017

Tops Selling Shoes of The Week

Tops Selling Womens Shoes of The Week


So here you go, another tops selling this week post, along with an edit of our favourite pieces, but this week we are putting our best foot forward and looking at the must have shoes of the moment.

Premium High Street Footwear retailer Dune, have been seriously bringing their A-game recently, with some amazing 'inspired' pieces (you'll see what we mean in our little product edit). But with that being said, they are also killing it in the boots department too. I'm sure all of you are probably beginning to get your good old winter boots out at this point in the year and deciding whether they need to be updated or not. So why not take some inspiration from our edit, and have a browse at Dune, to make sure you can find the perfect, quality, but not ridiculously expensive, pair of winter boots this season.

Shop the full product offering here.

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