Nov 14, 2017

British Heritage - Your go to Brand

British Heritage

Go to Brand - Holland and Cooper

With heritage becoming quite a trend this autumn winter, we have seen numerous checked jackets around, and to be honest, they are a little bit old news now. Which is a shame because the trend is so classic and stylish. It's just gone overkill.

But fear not. There is a way to move away from the crowd and go for something the same, but very different. It is time to really channel the British Heritage look. And to do so, you need not look further than the stunning brand, Holland and Cooper.

With a range of Balmain-esque checked jackets (you'll see what I mean here), you are 100% guaranteed to find a piece that will still be on trend, but will elevate your personal style, because you will want to hold on and cherish it for the rest of your days! It will become an absolute staple. Also we are in love with many of the other pieces such as the capes.

To check out the full collection and shop the pieces, click here. 


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