Nov 2, 2017

TREND: Denim jackets get extra!


The best of the denim jacket

Over the last few seasons, a classic wardrobe staple has upped it's game and has now become a canvas for a whole lot of creativity. We are talking about the good ol' denim jacket! Similarly to the leather jacket (although much more suitable for summer) we have seen embellishment upon embellishment evolve and make its way on the the back, sleeve, pockets, collars, just about anywhere on the denim jacket to make it just that bit more extra! Don't forget the huge spectrum of colours that are now dominating the denim jacket game! So, with the trend safely in full swing, and showing no sign of slowing, here are our top three picks to update your style and get super extra with the new and improved denim jacket.

1- Oversized with Patches Go right into the trend with this safe bet! Tommy Hilfiger probably set the ball rolling on this trend earlier this year with the collaboration with Super Model Gigi Hadid, but for those who still wish to get their hands on an inspired piece, look no further than NA-KD and their super cool and relaxed Denim Jacket with Patches (£65.36).  

2- Bare those shoulders Another absolute knockout piece from NA-KD has to be this cold shoulder denim jacket (£65.36) with some edgy typography printed to the back hem. Who would have thought of a cold shoulder for a denim jacket!? But it for sure knocks to trends on the head for this season, and will be a fantastic transition piece as we head towards Autumn.  

3 - Pink Who can forget the colour of the season, if not year! Pink, so when we saw this Gestuz Blush Pink Denim Jacket (£122.62) we instantly fell in love, and hit the cheeky like love button over on NA-KD. Again, what's not to love about hitting two trends in one simple and easy to wear piece!  

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