Dec 15, 2017

Top Ten Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers under £20

Christmas is really closing in on us, and we know that we still stressing frantically about the gifts and whether we have organised ourselves enough. To make things a little bit easier for ourselves, we have been trying to find some more 'all-round/ universal' gifts, so that its easier for us just to dish each one out to everyone's stockings and know that everyone will enjoy them. Also, you can have an emergency present to hand too just incase you forgot anyone.

Below we have included the links to the ten items that we are sure will do perfectly for just about anyone. You could even have fun and run a lucky dip instead of putting in each others stockings, and then have a swap game after. We have tried to keep everything below £20, to ensure affordability, as these are mostly just extra, last minute gifts. We hope that you enjoy and this gives you a couple of ideas.

From Pynck's little elves


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