Jan 29, 2018

RDS Bride of the Year Show - Venues

If you're planning on getting married in Ireland, then fear not - as there are many venues available to suit a wide range of needs. With it's natural beauty, Ireland offers a range of beautiful celtic venues, near the capital Dublin or in the countryside in a pretty location. A castle about 1 hour from the capital or near the picturesque west coast near a large Airport allows for Irish as well as overseas couples coming to Ireland.

Irish Hotels

Half the Irish hotels specialise in bridal, but undoubtedly the castles and hotels with character and beautiful scenery win out. With the ultimate wedding destination being Ashford Castle, in the village of Cong, Co. Mayo - where Rory McIlory got married.

For more information visit www.ashfordcastle.com. A fine alternative but on the lower end of the budget spectrum would be cheaper castles in the middle of Ireland like Kilronnan, Co Roscommon.

Pretty Locations near Dublin

Near the seaside, south of Dublin is Kilkenny Castle and the Royal Marine to North Dublin’s Malahide is the Grand Hotel. Then there are many suitable castles and country houses within an hour west of Dublin Airport and the city centre hosting many wedding possibilities and event management skills.


Overseas weddings in Spain, Italy and Portugal allows for quaranteed sunshine although guests have to travel. Althernatively, centres like Vegas promise weather , non fuss , and can be seen as a cheaper option.

Pynck gathered this information at the 2018 Bride of the Year Show which was held at the RDS. If you want to follow up with the full listings at the show, be sure to visit www.wed.ie. There's lots of useful information there, and stay tuned for next year!

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