Feb 4, 2018

Frankie Morello at Milan 2018

This year kicked off to a great start with Milan Fashion Week showcasing one the greatest designers. Frankie Morello is one of the brand names who made it to the front page of every fashion tabloid all because of its edgy designs at the Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week 2018/2019.

Frankie Morello’s designs this year were all about creating that edgy dimension in the demeanor of the wearers just like this piece.

This royalty inspired ensemble is the classic example of the spiritual evolution that men and women undertake- which by the way is what Nicholas Poggioli wanted to convey through the collection.

This heavily fur-laden piece is another one of the designs that forged links of busy humans today to the ancestors in primordial times.

Somewhat motherboard circuit inspired bomber jacket and a similar studded shirt is the clear depiction of today’s robotic age.

Frankie Morello’s class is clearly depicted in this piece – all black ensemble with tons of pockets, fur, and studs.

There is no doubt about why Frankie Morello’s collection made headlines. Keep an eye on his official website for the latest news and collections, www.frankiemorello.com!

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