Jul 5, 2018

Tokyo Fashion Week

If you have been thinking that the fashion shows are over already, then think again! Tokyo Fashion Week just happened which is always famous for a guaranteed outstanding street style which is delightful. Tokyo fashion is always on another level with the best-dressed guests as well as some of the latest trends. We have brought you one of the outstanding brands which showcased itself at the Tokyo Fashion week in the most remarkable way. It is none other than DRESSEDUNDRESSED.

DRESSEDUNDRESSED is recognized throughout the fashion world for their layered looks which break the stereotypes by making the women wear enormous three-piece suits and men walk the runway in shorts.

The brand launched its 2018 collection while building up upon its staple. DRESSEDUNDRESSED offered its punky take on the business wear with the polos and blazers in the most unlikely translucent fabrics and shirts.

The outerwear mostly included oversized jackets along with boxy denim jackets and quilted coats which offer a great potential when it comes to cold-weather layering.

In short, DRESSEDUNDRESSED showcased the most outstanding street styles in its collection while it delivered More Androgynous Styling for Fall/Winter 2018 which can become the go-looks of modern men to make them look remarkable every time they set their feet outside.

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