Jan 21, 2019

SHOWCASE IRELAND - Vivien O'Malley Ceramics on show

Vivien is showing several collections at showcase 2019. The Tidal collection consists of a series of bowls and bottles that are inspired by the abstract patterns created in the sand from the retreating tide. As Vivien herself says

"It brings the sea into your home to you"

Handmade on the pottery wheel each piece is unique and results in layers of colours and patterns.

The Urchin collection is inspired by sea urchins and the colour used in the glaze reminds us of Ireland's flora and marine hues. Last but not least The Luminosity Collection explores the translucent quality of porcelain with its striking texture allowing light to pass through whether it be with bulbs or candles. A very illuminating collection reminiscent of the sea .

>>> Find out more at www.vivienomalleyceramics.com

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