Dec 10, 2015

They look after the place you live in, your body: The Little Milk Company

Producers of premium organic Cheddar and Soft Cheeses. Established 2008, The Little Milk Company has grown fast. Starting out as a product development and marketing body for the Irish Organic Milk Producers Ltd to Handcrafting award winning cheddar and cream cheese which is exported all over the world.

Pure organic, not expensive, and loves cows.  Their milk comes from a co-operative of farmers who are concerned about the chemicals that gets into your food, adopted organic farming techniques for better quality of consumption.

Some of their great products...

Organic Irish Brie
The creamy Brie is one of the most popular cheeses in The Little Milk Company family especially for restaurants! Because it’s made with their own 100% Irish Organic pasturised milk our Brie has a soft extra creamy centre and snow white penicillin rind.
Organic Vintage Cheddar
Gold winner at the Frech Cheese Awards, The Little Milk Co Vintage Cheddar is made from raw unpasteurised milk which has not been exposed to the heat treatment required for full pasteurisation and therefore retains more of the natural flavours and nutrients present in the milk used to make it.
Cream Cheese with Sweet Red Pepper Relish
The rich velvety cream cheese comes with two different toppings one with sweet roasted red pepper and the other with a beautifully fresh basil pesto.
Theres many more very high quality organic produce by the Little Milk Company. They can be bought at various locations in Ireland and Abroad. Click below for a list of Stockists

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