Nosy Rosie Crafts and Alphabet Jigsaws - things for kids

Nosy Rosie Crafts makes reversible kids' pinafores

Alphabet Jigsaws are handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles. Cut from wood and painted by hand, they are real works of art.

Hamilton Bear

Hamilton Bear are hand-crafted bears made from special clothing or anything you may like to provide. Great for children for Christmas, or any other time! The patterns are unique to the company and 100% made in Ireland

Ri Na Mara

Ri Na Mara - seaweed-based cosmetics. From Spideal in the Gaeltacht, which manufactures a range of seaweed-extract cosmetics. They have quite well priced gift packs

Ursula Celano

Ursula Celano, RHA recognised designer showed at the National Crafts Fair at the RDS. If you're looking for Christmas cards or small Christmas gifts, her site is both colourful and creative, and has everything from notebooks to kitchenware.

National Crafts Fair RDS

The National Crafts Fair  at the RDS hosted a whole batch of designers and creative ideas for Chrustmas from food to toys to clothes and christmas cards .The food emporium bustled with life.I sampled some of the most delicious beef which won the food prize by which sells premium marbled beef.They rear Japanese Black Wagyu which is the breed which marbles more than any other.
Next on to Mash Direct which sells everyday mash croquette potatoes and mashed vegetables all fresh to your door at .Off I go to collect my Turf Sauce another prize winnerwhich is a stout based sauce consisting of a blend of stout, tomatoes, and spices. A wonderful marinade for all meats. Of course we cannot forget desserts where we sampled some fabulous nougat meringue and marshmallow.

Trench to Today: Thomas Burberry's Trench Coat

Founded in 1856, Burberry has become one of the most recognizable British fashion houses around today. Through their iconic Horseferry check and of course the historic trench coat. But here we are looking at the trench coat, and what made it what it is today.

In 1876, Thomas Burberry brought us gabardine, a woven fabric with tough water resistant qualities. This textile invention was quickly ordered up by none other than the British army in 1901 and Burberry submitted a design as an Officers raincoat. During the first world war, shoulder straps for the attachment of epaulets or other rank insignia and ‘D rings’ (rumored to be for grenades) were added. These raincoats were not originally named ‘trench coats’, that term surfaced later from soldiers on the front line. 

After the war, many soldiers continued to wear their trench coats and with the sheer amount of units ordered by the British army, there were many coats left. This meant they were on the market for the public to snap up. Hollywood stars sporting the Trench coats in movies popularized the style and of course, due to the hard-wearing nature of the gabardine, the trench coat stuck around and became a must have in everyone's wardrobe. Even women adopted the style.
Since then, the Burberry Trench coat has been worn by many including Audrey Hepburn in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's 'Cat' Scene, Steve McQueen and modern day icons such as Victoria Beckham, her son Romeo, Kate Middleton and the stunning Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


Look out for the Trench Coat in Burberry's recent Christmas Campaign. It is spectacular!

I can 100% say that a bit or gabardine is top of my Christmas list. Check out Burberry for their current selection of Trenches. Maybe something bang on trend from their Prorsum Range, something classic and chic from their London line or something a little bit casual from Burberry Brit. Everyone is spoiled for choice. Just remember a Burberry Trench Coat isn't just for Christmas. It's for life. ;-).

From Fashion with Melanie