Nicky's art

Nicky's art
Exhibition of paintings by Nicky Kruseman
Opening reception 3pm on Sunday 22nd of November,Barker House,Main street,Greystones(beside supervalu)
RSVP 0876894746
Runs until Sunday 29th
highly recommended.
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As time goes by

As time goes by


The town of UR in Mesopotamia is the home to Urwerk where they first discovered the unit of time.Time series moves with the sun and the moon to recreate time as we know it.


The Sumerians developed the first unit of time laying the foundations for time as we know itPosted by Picasa

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It


Goths come into their own this Halloween with fab eye shadows and face make up .Checkout ehow to sites with free video on how to get the goth look.Here are some eye shadows to try out

Here are some style pictures to go with the Goth look !

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