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Winter is unfortunately still upon us, with its grey and miserable weather. So it is time  to start brightening up days with our wardrobes. Colour can be a difficult one, but it doesn't mean that for this trend you have to go head to toe in colour. You can just add a bright, or pastel coloured accessory, or perhaps a statement jumper to be in with the trend. The rest of your outfit can be the usual neutrals that you wear day in day out, so injecting a bit of colour is incredibly easy, and everyone can and should do it. 

We are back with yet another trend talk, but this time we will be doing things a little bit differently. We have a base outfit, which you can see below, and then we have found some pieces that will match up and inject a bit of colour to the outfit. We have one  to dress it down and make it more casual, one look which dresses it up, and again, as per usual, one for a layering look.

Base outfit:

Casual look

Smart look


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