May 24, 2016

A New Definition of Mascuilinity by the Mysterious Prince

We lost a groundbreaking musician in Prince this January, but here`s why he will matter forever

Both David Bowie and Prince captivated the audience for decades, won grammies and inspired millions of kids grow up unabashed of conformity. 

Prince`s gender less style, from black thigh-high stockings and bikini briefs on the back of “Dirty Mind” to nudity and blooms on the cover of “Lovesexy, created an alter-ego, now a tradition of memorable mind-benders on stage.  
Prince transcended race and redefined the idea of masculinity.  He often transcended race as easily as he would genres and made it publically known that it is okay to live outside the box.
David Bowie and Prince constantly challenged the limits of uniqueness, creating a comprehension issue, ever growing number of vivid followers curious to look beneath the cover, makes these two unforgettable and matter forever.

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