Oct 26, 2017

Trend Talk: Vinyl

Trend Talk


Next up on the Trend Talk series is possibly a bit of a tricky one to get into. Practicality is not the best here. Every time you move, you will be sounding like a dog chew toy. But nonetheless, fashion is fashion, and the fun thing about that is, we go out of our way to pull off the wackiest trend out there in the moment.

So Vinyl. What to do with Vinyl!? Because, you know, leather is going to be next season, so you have to wait for that one (But in all seriousness, wear what you want!!). We are going to start this one out nice and easy with a casual ensemble, that you could wear out shopping or for lunch dates. Secondly, we have a night out option. Looks are all laid out below, enjoy.

Look 1 Your jeans and Jumper... jazzed up.

The pieces:

Trying to keep it as casual as possible, we love the idea of switching out jeans for something a bit more fun. But keeping it classy, we have added a cashmere black knit and paired this with a delicate necklace with the same finish and colour as the super funky sneakers. This will really finish off the look. When it is cold, and you're popping outside, casually through on a trench and you'll still look super on trench, casual, classy, and what's not to love about that? See Vinyl is easy!

Look 2 Club Vinyl

The Pieces:

Next, we want you to imagine you are going on a night out. How do we wear vinyl and not look like a stripper? Wear it in your coat. We love the pop of red (which is also super on trend) as a statement over just a plain black dress. Notice that it's high neck, so there will be no boobs and legs at the same time. We just added some plain black courts here, because the statement is really the coat, and we don't want to take any attention away from that. Simple is better in this case, and less is more!

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