Dec 14, 2017

Trend Talk: The Drouser

Trend Talk: The Drouser

The what!? I hear you say. The Drouser! as the name suggests it is the beautiful merging of the dress and trouser into one stunning and modern outfit perfect for this party season. Especially to keep those legs warm!

As always with our trend talks we are going to be showing you how to style this trend with three easy, foolproof outfits complete with a couple of notes to help you out. First up will be our more casual edit, but as this is a night time look, we will just stick with something simple, followed by a really glitzy sparkly outfit. Then lastly a layering outfit that still in keeps with the trend of the week. So lets get into it.


Just sticking with black here and monochromatic extras to keep it simple. But what makes this fun is the layering of different textures. From the velvet dress to the leather bag, the different textures and proportions are still brought together to make a super trendy and individual look.


Going for matching pieces here, both really sparkly, but broken up by the simple trousers. I'm talking about the dress and the shoes incase you didn't see those! Pair with a stunning deep, luxurious bag to add back in a touch of elegance.

Super toasty

Staying warm is probably one of the most important things this party season. So opt for this stunning style of sweater, and pair with some simple trousers, but really go for it with the accessories to keep things glam and festive.

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