Feb 3, 2018

The IT Sneakers

What to wear this season

Statement Sneakers

There is always going to be a stand out piece for every season, saying that can even be throughout a year, think of the hype the Chloe Nile bag caused. Sold out everywhere! But thinking about the practicality of things, how much use do you really get out of those statement pieces that you've invested so much in?

It's time to be thankful that the humble sneaker is set to be the piece this season. With all sorts of designs, with intricate embroidery to studding and graffiti, there are so many style to choose from, you can really make the piece personal to you. By that we mean choosing which goes best with your style. If your casual verges on the more smart side, perhaps go for something simple but with a little more sparkle, but if you are a bit out there, perhaps a graffitied up pair of kicks is the one to go for.

We have selected some of out favourites for you to browse, and highly recommend investing in a pair this year. They go with pretty much everything, and are super comfortable, so you will 100% get the wear out of them. and they look pretty too, did we mention that?

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