Feb 11, 2016

Digital photos to canvas by Brid O'Kane

Limited Edition Digital photos to canvas

Brid O'Kane`s does freestyle machine embroidery, producing elaborate art pieces and bespoke line drawings. The pieces on sale are images or professional art printed on canvas and ready for framing. They take the pain out of printing on canvas. Here are some of her work. 
the helping hand painting
The Helping Hand Painting
A very cute helping hand print, and there`s a nice collection of such Canvas Print on demand stock images
Child playing piani picture
 Child playing piano picture

This is a canvas print of a DUET. Its costs just €30.00, and there is a limited collection of just 100 pieces in store. 
Sisters forever canvas
Sisters forever canvas 
Digital photos to canvas are done at Brid O'Kane, and some beautiful painting on wall ideas on canvas available on their official website.

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