Handcrafted designer ceramics, wall art and jewellery by Danu

Handcrafted Designer Ceramics inspired, designed and made in Ireland

DANU specialises in handcrafted, designer ceramic homewares, wall art and jewellery made in Dublin, Ireland. Danu wish to add an alternative selection to the mass produced items that surround us. Danu`s design ranges combine earthy, organic yet refined and contemporary aesthetics that display well in both urban and rustic settings. Inspired by travels, nature, wanderlust, antiquated trade routes and our home country of Ireland.
designer ceramics
Blue dipping bowl, handmade pottery, Irish ceramics, blue ceramics 
 A gorgeous little Greek blue dipping bowl that is lovely on its own, with more dipping bowls or as an add-on with the platter sets. This tiny bowl can be used as a spice bowl, a dipping/condiment bowl, a salt and pepper bowl, an ingredients bowl etc.  Rustic, earthy pottery.
Green ceramic platter set, handcrafted designer ceramics
Green ceramic platter set.
 This gorgeous platter set was created in my studio in Dublin, Ireland. It is part of the Wanderlust Collection. The colours of this range were inspired by the walls, doors and textiles associated with Rajasthan. The set is available in blue, green and pink. They have a beautiful, rustic aesthetic.  
Pink bowl, Rustic homewares
Pink bowl, Rustic homewares
This gorgeous bowl was created in my studio in Dublin, Ireland. It is part of the Wanderlust Collection. Several years ago, We travelled around Rajasthan, India, and discovered these beautiful, hand-carved textile woodblock stamps in the markets. They were originally used for printing onto textiles but I brought them back to my studio and the Wanderlust Collection was born!

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