A Monday Without Zsa Zsa


The following is a snippet from VanityFair:
She made movies with John Huston and Orson Welles, but Zsa Zsa Gabor was the proto E! celebrity, making headlines for her glamorous lifestyle and multitude of marriages when Kris Jenner was just a little girl watching Gilligan’s Island (Zsa Zsa was on that too). Funnier and more self-aware than many Oscar-winning stars, Zsa Zsa deservedly got some delightful obituaries when she died Sunday at her home in L.A. Even her New York Times news alert contained a wink about the actress’s notoriously shifting birth date. “Married eight times and with a modest acting career, she was famous for being famous,” the news alert read. “She was thought to be 99.” Here’s the New York Times obituary. VF.com’s Joanna Robinson has our obit, which includes an amazing clip of Zsa Zsa ripping off Johnny Carson’s pants. Hello from L.A., where we’re mourning Zsa Zsa and counting Disney’s money.


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