Irish Film Institute - See it first...IFI Free Members' Preview

During a self-imposed exile in Arles and Auvers-Sur-Oise, France, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (Willem Dafoe) develops his unique, colourful style of painting. While struggling with religion, mental illness and a tumultuous friendship with French artist Paul Gauguin (Oscar Isaac), van Gogh begins to focus on his paintings to escape the loneliness, the anguish and the self-understanding that he wasn’t quite made for this world.

With stunning visuals and a thorough balance of poetry and drama, the film takes us into both Van Gogh’s genius and his tortured life while Willem Dafoe’s performance manages to capture every bit of the artist’s complexity. In the words of the film's director Julian Schnabel - “This is a film about painting and a painter and their relationship to infinity. It is told by a painter. It contains what I felt were essential moments in his life, this is not the official history – it’s my version. One that I hope could make you closer to him.”

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Irish Film Institute - See it first...IFI Free Members' Preview

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