RHA School - Upcoming Masterclasses

There are some eye catching RHA School Masterclasses coming up soon.


John Kindness first used this medium in New York in 1989 when he was working on a series of bogus antiquities. Kindness has noted that ‘the technique seemed to give objects an instant authority, as if they spoke from another era. Lime plaster is very old technology, but the chemistry is still fascinating.' Kindness’ recent work has been on sculptural pieces and the participants of the masterclass will be working mostly with 2-d panels.



This course will be broken into four parts, each covering a different aspect of painting the head from life. Cian McLoughlin will perform a demo at the beginning of each part after which the participants will be able to apply the principles as they work on their own versions. Individual feedback will be given throughout the course.

For more information , visit www.rhagallery.ie






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